My passion for art had led me to study at Columbia College in Chicago. I received a BFA with honors in 1993 and have spent most of my professional career as an illustrator and graphic designer.  However, my true passion and self-expression comes from being a painter.

For me, painting is a way to explore the relationships between various color harmonies and surface textures and allows me an opportunity to experiment with spontaneity and chance. It is also a way for me to develop my own unique artistic voice.

The medium I primarily paint with is acrylics. Its pure pigment allows me to translate my vision with intense and dramatic colors. I enjoy the challenge of trying to capture a subject’s likeness while intensifying its beauty through the use of bold and vibrant colors.

My work explores the interaction of color, composition, drawing and representation of a subject to convey a meaningful experience to the viewer. I also experiment with the possibilities allowed through different application techniques. With the use of large brushes, trowels, and pallet knives I make broad spontaneous marks on the canvas to create texture, emotion and enthusiasm to the painting.

I currently reside in the beautiful state of Michigan with my wife Kelly and children, Kaelyn and Zachary, where I continue to evolve and explore my passion for the arts.